ARPAL - Balneazione sc. 1:10000

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Language: ita
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Hierarchy level: dataset
Date stamp: 2012-04-01
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Identification Information
Title: ARPAL - Balneazione sc. 1:10000 (2012)
Date: 2012-04-01
Date type : annuale
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Cited Responsible Party - Organisation Name: URP
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Presentation form: mapDigital
Abstract: ARPAL- Balneazione sc. 1:10000 (2012) - Copertura: Intero territorio Regionale - Origine: Monitoraggio tratti acque di balneazione. Monitoraggio delle acque di balneazione ex D.lgs 116/08 ss. mm. e ii.
Point of Contact - Organisation Name: URP
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Graphic overview: -----------------------
Keywords: balneazione,monitoraggio acque marino costiere, acque e specifica destinazione
Resource constraints: publicData
Spatial representation type: vector
Spatial Respolution (Scale denominator): 10000
Language: ita
Character set: 8859part1
Topic Category: utilitiesCommunication
Extent - West Bound Longitude: 7.48820862370017
Extent - East Bound Longitude: 10.0879518636137
Extent - South Bound Latitude: 43.5963597132668
Extent - North Bound Latitude: 44.849579861466
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Format: QGIS Server - Vettoriale Strutturato
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Scope: dataset
Absolute External Positional Accuracy - Value: 2
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Lineage: Localizzazione su Linea di costa